January 23, 2021

Strictly Come Dancing 2020: week six results – live

With just seven celebrities and pros in line for the Glitterball, it’s time for Strictly’s finest to find out who’s through to Musicals Week

So the kilt and the spinny Waltz got JJ through for another week, and next week they’re doing a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Charleston. It’s going to be different, and I think that’s a very good thing.

So who is dancing again next week? Maisie and Gorka are safe (oh that’s good news), along with JJ and Amy and HRVY and JNTT.

First couple in the bottom two: JAMIE AND KAREN.

So that’s what we predicted last night, definitely feel like this week’s dance off is going to be very close.

Last night on Strictly:

Tier 1: The romance I’ve created in my head between Ranvir and Giovanni, everything Bill and Oti do, Maisie’s grit, Claudia’s blouse, Amy’s dress.

Tier 2: Queasy CGI, HRVY’s contempo-street (sorry watched it again and still not feeling it), JJ’s kilt (yes but can he Salsa in it?), Tudor Queen Motsi.

Tier 3: Clara’s Jive, Aljaz’s outfit (bleurgh), Couple’s Choice generally, rooftop CGI, all the screaming.

Ambivalent zone: Jamie’s Slytherin Tango, Craig/Anton doing panto beef. Meh.

TESS AND CLAUDIA DRESS WATCH: Tess in white trousers with a cream blouse featuring a vicar’s dog collar, and Claudia in something black and ill fitting.

What IS that around Tess’s neck? It looks like she’s got whiplash.

And we’re off! Tonight’s opening pro dance is to The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’ and features dreadful 80s outfits and a variety of neon plinths. Graziano has a Bjorn Borg headband and a great deal of double denim. Feel like this one was thrown together in a bit of a hurry, to be honest.

Knocking on doors to hand out jars of quince jam made from a neighbourhood tree is Peak Hackney.

Also this episode of The Crown is rubbish, it’s just Prince Charles banging on about trees.

Tonight’s Countryfile Casual Weatherperson is the charming Darren Bett, who’s gone for a purple check shirt tucked into grey jeans. It’s a valiant effort, but the lack of forearm action and the modesty neck button makes it a 7/10 at best. Less Darren Bett, more Darren Could Do Better.

Lovely Craven segue from ‘plant trees’ to ‘buy my calendar’ there. The man’s a master.

During all my visits to The National Arboretum, I’ve never abseiled up an oak tree while a woman from Forestry England yells at me from the ground about blue tits, bats and nut hatches. Feel like I’ve missed out.

Ooh, Westonbirt Arboretum is in Countryfile. That’s not far from me, we go there a lot. It’s lovely.

Evening all, and welcome back to tonight’s Strictly results show! It’s the quarter finals next week, aka MUSICALS WEEK, so we’re getting to the business end of this year’s Strictly. Was thinking this morning about how the shorter run has changed the competition this year – fewer dances, so an opportunity to skip the ones that don’t play to their strengths (RIP Rumba), less time for contestants to go on a Journey, fewer themes and specials so judges are waving tens around to provide excitement. It’s definitely felt different, but I’m delighted we’ve had it all the same.

Tonight we need to say goodbye to another couple, and it’s hard to see how Clara is going to avoid the dance-off for a second week. We’ll find out at 7.25pm, so join me then!

And we’re done! Thanks all for joining in tonight, and don’t forget to come back tomorrow at 7.25pm for the results show (or half an hour earlier, if you fancy a short Countryfile ramble). Enjoy the rest of your Barlow-free Saturday, and I’ll see you then! Hx

So that’s it for tonight’s dancing! HRVY and Janette are at the top, with Clara and Aljaz at the bottom once again. The vote is open!

There was a lot of good stuff tonight – my votes would go to Ranvir, Bill and Clara, although I can’t help wondering if Clara has come to the end of her Strictly journey. I reckon she and Jamie might be in the bottom two tonight, and then it’s really going to come down to whether she can fix the mistakes in that Jive. What do you reckon?

Scores: 9,10,10 – a total of 29 for Maisie and Gorka. Were those deserved? Should you be drinking? You decide.

Shirley thought that was the success story of the evening, and Maisie showed her vulnerable feminine side (drink). Motsi loved the skips and Charleston and Maisie had amazing stamina – it had it all. Craig thought Maisie missed a left foot swivel on the bench but it was absolutely incredible.

CGI buses and taxis galore! Gorka looks oddly attractive in salmon flannel, and I adore Maisie’s pink flamingo frock. This is a fabulous Quickstep with bags of content and some great footwork from Maisie. Love the charm and playfulness of it, and the Strictly garden bench has had a paint job. A great finish, enjoyed that very much.

And finally tonight, it’s MAISIE AND GORKA! Tonight they’re dancing the Quickstep to ‘When You’re Smiling’ by Andy Williams. Maisie doesn’t have a huge amount to smile about after two weeks in the dance-off, but I have every expectation that she’s going to bounce back with a brilliant Quickstep.

Messages from Maisie’s old school! Deeply Tier 2. DRINK.

Scores: 8,9,8 – a total of 25 for JJ and Amy. Not one judge had a bad thing to say about that dance, why 8s? What was lacking?

Craig thought it was charming, elegant and full of class. Shirley loved how calm and understated it was, just beautiful. Motsi loved the stillness of it, and JJ has a lovely aura.